Thursday, June 28, 2007

4th Chemo - Pump Removed

I meant to post yesterday but between one thing and another I am steadily falling behind in my duties. Karen had the chemo pump removed yesterday and is doing well. Actually surprisingly well, considering how the week started.

As always we got a CEA reading yesterday and once again it is down. If you recall last time, CEA was 356, this time it's 221. I'm tracking it in a notebook so to-date the progression has been...

  • 628 to start
  • 511 after 1 chemo
  • 356 after 2 and now
  • 221 after 3.

Again, this is great news and we're hopeful there's a linear correlation between the CEA and the tumors.

A CT scan is scheduled for Monday and consultation Tuesday. Anytime Karen has a CT scan she has to drink a special fluid in preparation. It tastes pretty dreadful and there's a lot of it. As for the results of the scan, we're not really sure what to expect. There's a chance Dr Dan will recommend surgery, in which case we'll go into a hyper-drive of preparation that includes figuring out an actual surgeon as well as go off chemo for a month or so.

There's also a chance Dr Dan will recommend continuation of chemo, based on the shrinkage thus far. I'm not sure what I'm hoping for.

For now we're just getting ready to enjoy the weekend.

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