Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's Try This Again Shall We?

Well third time's the charm I say. I start chemo this Friday April 9th. Three years and two days since I was first diagnosed. Just a little factoid.

I just wanted to give an update that I will be doing the chemo like I said on the 9th and then every two weeks following for 4 to 6 months, like I had mentioned in the last posting. For anyone curious I will be on CPT-11 and Erbitux.

I think I am over the initial being upset over it all and just want to get it done. Now that the "sad" cloud has cleared for me I am seeing the silver lining in that this treatment will work, and work well, and we keep moving forward. I am very grateful to have treatment options.

We did talk to the kids last weekend and told them that I have something called colon cancer. I think a lot of it went over their heads, especially Ethan, but I know once I begin treatment it will begin to sink in for them both what we are talking about.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers we are deeply grateful.