Monday, September 22, 2008

Say What Now???

I just want to say in this situation I love sounding like a broken record. My CEA was taken again last thursday before my erbitux treatment. Kathy...wonderful Kathy called today to first remind me the normal range for people's CEA is 0-2.5. Oh.......mine just happens to be 2.5!! Say what, say what, say what now!!!!????? I am still stunned and absorbing this beautiful news. And I give every bit of greatness and glory to Jesus Christ almighty.

This cancer and stage that I have is as crappy as it gets. I am really lucky to be alive right now. Like a lot of my compadres that I have become friends with who are in the same situation I am we have all been told at some stage, that you know "you have some bad luck here." One doctor told me the best thing I could do was get my kids genetically tested. There's no point in much else.

So when I hear from Kathy what I heard today I just felt like I was in heaven on earth. Everything else is gravy. Last week (before this news) I was meeting with Dr. Moriarty and I was thanking him for continuing to believe in me and believing in doing everything for me. Of course he just shrugs it off like he doesn't do anything. My point is God kicks butt and miracles happen slow and through many forms but they are happening to me because God is good.

I am not glad I have cancer, but I am glad it is going away and I am very, very humbled by how incredible things are going and the continued support I continue to get in so many forms from so many people.

Thank you and lets keep praying for each other. We all need it.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Good News

Well the summer is over but the excitement of life continues. I have been off of chemo (cpt-11) since july 11th. I am still on Erbitux (the rash stuff). I had my CEA levels done and got the call on monday. I don't usually fret over the number too much as long as they continue to go down but I was very apprehensive over this one. If my numbers went up significantly it was not only back to chemo but that also meant the tumors are more active. Well the ever lovely Kathy called and said it was 3.2! What a beautiful number. I was so stunned and so very happy. This means another whole month of freedom.

I continue to pray for everyone.