Friday, October 31, 2008

Today's Meeting

Today we met with Dr. Morganstein. He reviewed the pet/ct scan report which he felt in a nutshell said that not much had changed. This is good news. No new tumors popped up anywhere and the metabolic activity surrounding the calcified tumors on my right hasn't dramatically changed either. We will meet with Dr. Moriarty on Monday afternoon to go into a deeper discussion of the report and what our next plan of action will be, surgery, ablation, sir spheres etc.

So for right now things continue to look good!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back from Vacay and Consultation Tomorrow

Karen's doing well. We were away in Disney and enjoying some time off, hence the lack of updates. Things are good however.

Karen had scans this week, Tuesday. A PET and CT scan. We reviewed the scans at home and it's hard to tell really what they mean. To the untrained eye they look pretty good.

Tomorrow we meet with a new oncologist, Doctor Morganstein as poor Doctor Moriarty fell ill whilst we were away!!! Poor guy works too hard. He's recovering well and should be back in action soon from what I'm told.

In other doctor news, we got a letter in the mail stating our surgeon, Dr. Ravikumar has left the area and will not be returning. He's a great surgeon and we're sorry to see him go.

So more news hopefully tomorrow when we review the scans. Meanwhile enjoy the pic.