Monday, June 4, 2007

PET Scan Results

Today we got the results of last Friday's PET scan. All was "as expected" meaning there were no new areas of cancer detected. This was good news as now we know what we're dealing with: liver and colon. Period.

The last few days we fell into a real "funk" here, chemo weeks are just like that. It's hard for K to go through, it's hard for the kids to be apart from her and if I'm being honest it's hard to watch K go through it. By the end of the week things are about ready to unravel. This is a new week and we got some good news today so it's time to shake off the funk!

We got more good news today in the form of a lower CEA level. The baseline before chemo was about 629. After 1 chemo treatment, that number has come down to 511. Over 100 points in the bag! All being well this number should continue to trend downwards until it reaches a normal level of between 0 and 3.

It's time to take a break from the big C. Wonderful Aunt Brenda is here! Cynthia and Brad are coming Thursday so it should be a fun week.


Himanshu Joshi said...

Hi Francis,

Glad to know that Karen is recovering nicely. Hope to see her in the best of health soon.

Himanshu Joshi

Debbie Ortiz said...

Glad to see the PET scan was "as expected". That was great news! I'm keeping the Long Island prayer chain going...
Hope you find a moment to do something wonderful for yourselves too. It is so deserved.
Sending tons of love from the O'Brien & Ortiz families!

Jim's Blog said...

Karen & Fran,

Glad to hear that you are heading in the right direction. Please know that we are praying for you!