Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting Back on Track

It's been a few days since the last post and thankfully not much to report. I think I spoke too soon last time as Syd's fever returned. We've had a lot of sick kids, cranky kids, a lot of waking up in the middle of the night and all that goes with that. Thankfully we are getting back on track.

Karen has been suffering from the usual bone pain from the Neulasta shot. It's supposed to last 24hrs but in her case it seems to last 3-4 days. Percocet seems to do the trick but K uses it sparingly due to the fog it brings. I have done some research and come across a drug called Nupogen which may be easier on her. I'm going to ask Dr Dan.

As of tonight Karen's doing much better and as she put it "I assume I'll feel ok tomorrow".

Next Monday will see the fourth round of chemo and we schedule a CT scan soon after that to measure progress. Logistics for chemo weeks are really important to ensure K can rest as much as possible and that the kids are looked after. I think we still have a few holes in the schedule for next week but hopefully we can figure that out before Monday.

Although it's not going to be for a few weeks, I am already looking forward to the CT scan and have high hopes for an excellent result.

One more thing tonight: Don, if you're out there, can you email me? I'd like to know how you made out on the 5th and how recovery is going.


Don said...


Hope you’re all better rested, comfortable & of good spirit. I didn’t get the July 5th liver resection. Going in we knew there was a tricky tumor and that RF ablation would be the alternative. My surgeon (see link) made that decision with my liver in her hand. Giving such trust to others is one of the hardest tasks cancer has required of me.

It took 5 ½ hours to ablate four tumors, one of which had been previously undetected. I was out of bed & walking that evening. I got home in 5 days, I honestly didn’t have any pain or much discomfort but you can’t truly rest at a hospital. I’m doing just fine now & plan to return to work ~ July 10th.

My next steps are to get back to routine, practice a happier lifestyle, maybe keep an eye open for an interesting clinical trial and hope for some new innovation in treatment.

Hold Fast


Francis Shanahan said...

Hi Don. It's great they were able to burn out the tumors and it sounds like you are recovering well. Does this leave you with NED? or are you still have dealing with tumors? Will you be going back on chemo? And if you don't mind I'd appreciate gaining some insight into why the chose RFA over resection. I don't have your email address but you can email me directly at francisShanahan at

I'll pray for your recovery.