Monday, June 25, 2007

4th Chemo Session

Kate took Karen for her 4th chemo session today, thanks Kate. It was thankfully uneventful by all accounts. Doctor Dan met with Karen as usual and is pleased with the progress. I was able to conference in via speaker phone. Karen's been having lots of pain from Neulasta and he talked about trying Neupogen without me bringing it up. Karen's blood counts are doing well so Dr Dan cancelled the Neulasta shot for this week.

Since this is the 4th session, Dr. Dan has wasted no time and has setup a CT scan for next Monday. In his words, he's "curious" as to the results of the scan.

Lastly, in great news, my sister Teresa gave birth to a new baby boy back home in Ireland this morning after wait for it...7 minutes of labour. Amazing. Congratulations guys and welcome Conor Loughnane. Sydney is excited to meet her new cousin.


Don said...

In 2028, when Connor’s 21, buy him a pint so Karen can tell him about how special the news of his birth was, since it came during her cancer treatment. Here‘s to enjoying that puzzled moment in 2028 when Conner asks Karen…. “What’s Cancer”? -Cheers

Hold Fast


Francis Shanahan said...

Now that's something to look forward to Don. Although, Conor will have had his first pint at 18 in Ireland. 21's the driving license age.

joy touhill said...

Hey Shanahans...Joy here letting you know I'm thinking of you and praying for you a ton. Wish I could do more to help you guys out but maybe we can get Sydney over for a playdate soon! Hang in there!!! God bless!!