Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tough Questions and More Side Effects

Although this 2nd round of chemo was better overall, it seems there is no end to the side effects. Most recently Karen's hair has started to thin out, detected by the rather sizable hair-ball in the drain this morning. Luckily her hair is thick to begin with so perhaps this won't be that noticeable.

The sweating has abated and nausea returned over Friday and the weekend. New anti-nausea meds were prescribed to augment the current stuff.

This morning Karen's feet were sore with what she described as a feeling of severe blisters on the balls of her feet. It seems to have worn off as the day has worn on.

Also Sydney has become quite "clingy", waking up each night at 2am this past week, something she rarely does. Yesterday she told me she was worried about Mommy and asked if she was going to "disappear". I think all the coming and going has been hard on her nerves and we resolved to do a better job of making sure she knows when mommy will "go to work".

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