Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Checkpoint CT Scan

Karen's doing well. The time off from Neulasta is a blessing. 4 Chemos have been completed and yesterday Karen had a CT scan to check progress. Thanks to Dave for driving.

Whilst at the hospital she stopped by oncology and got a quick IV of fluids as she was dehydrated. Her throat developed an infection over the weekend and some antibiotics are working to clear that up.

We were supposed to get the results of the scan today but that got rescheduled to first-thing Thursday morning.

It's hard to believe 2 months have passed since chemotherapy was started. I would hardly say it has flown by but by the same token I don't remember much of it. I have no concept of time any more. Each day is blending into the next. I narrowly avoided a business trip to Brazil this week which would have put some additional strain on us. Tomorrow the US celebrates their independence from the British which doesn't really apply to me but for once I think I might just join in.

Enjoy the holiday everyone!

1 comment:

dave (your brother) said...

ya know... i travelled all teh way from el barrio to have my heart ripped to shreds by you guys, unbeleivable...

and you guys better not blame this "prank" on the cancer this time.

oh maggie, what could have been...

i love you guys