Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tumor Fever

Karen's doing well. She still has a fever on and off of about 99.5F with bouts of feeling crappy but it is manageable. I was worried Karen had developed a "super bug" of some kind which wasn't responding to the antibiotics. Indeed Karen herself was feeling very discouraged.

However, Dr Moriarty called her in for a consultation this evening and gave her an exam. The blood work from the weekend came back clear, meaning no infection. They are repeating that to confirm the result.

He also relayed that the entire team had reviewed her case this morning and everyone is pleased with the results (the shrinkage). What Moriarty suspects is Karen has a "Tumor Fever". This is not uncommon and is caused when the tumors "become necrotic" (die). You end up with dead tissue in your liver & colon which can cause inflammation and God knows what.

Naproxin (an anti-inflammatory) has been added to the treasure chest of drugs at the Shanahan household.

So after a worrying few days, we are taking this fever as a good thing. We continue to be impressed by the attentiveness, expertise and level of care provided by Dr. Moriarty and the team at Overlook.

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Anonymous said...

My mom has uterine CA mets to liver and has developed fevers for the past few months. She has had UTI's, clots etc and fevers (low grade) that I thought was worrisome becasuse she has been on antibiotics and still getting fevers? The oncologist recently told us it is normal and called tumor fevers but didn't say anything else. I am having touble finding info about tumor fevers. But reading your info gave me some insight. Thanks.