Thursday, July 5, 2007

Checkpoint Consultation

This morning we met with Dr Moriarty to review Karen's progress and the news is good. All indicators are pointing to chemo-sensitive tumors. We reviewed the CT scans taken last Monday as well as the PET scan.

It's not an exact science but Karen's tumors have shrunken roughly 30% since diagnosis. There are still several large tumors in the right lobe of her liver. One tumor was initially 10cm by 7cm and is now roughly 7cm by 4cm. There are a couple more like that in the right lobe. There is one small tumor (about 1.4cm) in the left lobe. Also, many of the tiny-tumors (smaller than 1cm) have disappeared. If it's working on visible tumors, it's also working on non-visible.

The PET scan had cast some doubt on her ovaries that potentially they may be cancerous also. Dr Moriarty assured us that he does not believe this is the case.

This is terrific news and puts us on a course for surgery.

Karen has completed 2 rounds of chemo. A "round" is actually 2 sessions, 4 weeks long.

The plan is to continue for 2 more rounds at which point Karen will be evaluated for surgery. Dr Moriarty is going to find us the best surgeon that specializes in liver-resection due to colon cancer. We are confident that we will get the help we need.

As a side note, I guess I'm run-down as I got some bug and was throwing up all morning and twice in the car on the way there. I looked so bad that nurse Nancy actually gave ME anti-nausea medication!!! In a weird way I got a small taste of what K goes through every two weeks.

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