Friday, July 6, 2007

Snakes and Ladders

After such a good day yesterday, unfortunately Karen is in hospital tonight. She was running a fever this morning and at lunchtime I urged her to call the doctor. Her temperature was over 101F and they asked her to come in. Any amount of fever is dangerous when you're on chemo as the immune system is just so weak.

Once at the hospital she was hooked up to an IV to begin fluids. I thought she'd "get a bag" and be sent home. Unfortunately they decided to admit her, at least for tonight, possibly tomorrow night as well.

Last weekend she developed a throat infection which meant she was already taking antibiotics. Dr Moriarty wants her on a stronger brand of antibiotic which will be given via IV. The fear is that her port may be infected which would be bad news. We don't think this is the case but blood work will hopefully reveal the truth by tomorrow.

This was a difficult blow as we were looking forward to a great weekend before chemo again on Monday. We'll also miss Becky's wedding tomorrow. At least she'll get some rest but I miss her, as do the kids.

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Don said...

Hope Karen is now home and comfortable.

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