Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Key Weekend for Cancer Patients

Karen's doing well. She'll undergo another round of chemo tomorrow so we're mentally preparing for the week ahead.

We've spent the last few weeks battling our insurance company. There are numerous issues but I have been protesting one particular charge (> $1000) since October 2007. Countless phone calls, numerous emails and two written letters later, there may be some movement on it. Until we get the money back I'm not holding my breath.

We actually have pretty good medical insurance (Lord knows we pay for it) but even with that, we consistently get charged for in-network services at the out of network rate. If you don't constantly monitor and run your own analysis it's easy to get over-charged.

Incidentally Karen's current total is up to $367,000 roughly. I only mention it in wonderment as I cannot imagine how hard cancer is on families without adequate coverage.

This weekend the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) will host their annual meeting (May 30th-June 3rd) in Chicago, Illinois. This is a key meeting as many drug companies, researchers and scientists will discuss their current research as well as unveil the results of the trials they've been executing.

I'll be watching the AP for potential news.

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