Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Karen

Today's Karen's birthday! Happy day. Karen gets a double-whammy this year with Mother's Day falling on Sunday.

Let me start off: Sweetheart, I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. You're an amazing person whom I'm so proud of.

I love you and Happy Birthday!

Unfortunately Karen's still not feeling 100% after last week's chemo. She visited the hospital on Wednesday and seems to have contracted a virus. Karen'll receive Erbitux this morning and hopefully some fluids to pep her up.

We should get the radiologist's report today also.


Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Hope you're feeling better over the coming days. Keeping up to date with you every step of the way, always in my prayers. Good luck with the radiology report. Love Catherine xxx

paul said...

Happy Birthday Karen!

You're in our thoughts and prayers in SF. You continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Paul & Liz

Jim's Blog said...


A belated but optimistic Happy Birthday to you!!! It has been a little crazy around here and missed it but I hope that you had a great day. If any deserves to have a good day, it is certainly you.

Joy has been keeping me up on your latest and I just want to tell you how amazed I am to see how well you are handling your illness and your family. Your perspective on life is so honest and real that it makes me jealous! I can't imagine how you deal with it yet in every post from you or Fran, you can hear joy and hope between the lines.

Please don't ever lose that hope. We are praying and storming Heaven for you on a daily basis. Even though we don't know what lies ahead for you, we trust that God is doing a great work through you and for you.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what can do to help so we will just continue to pray and fast for you. Please know that we are available to serve in any way that would help. Just say the word.

Keep up the fight! Enjoy every minute of it, good or bad. Michele always reminds me that everything has its moment good or bad, but then it passes. Only love remains. So keep on loving!!!

I couldn't be more proud of a fellow classmate. You are the perfect role model of grace under pressure.

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!!!