Saturday, May 17, 2008

Radiologist's Report

This'll be a quick post as I'm typing with one hand.

Karen's doing well. Had Erbitux yesterday and gets next week off. Her scans were read and revealed she's doing well. Some things did show up such as a suspected cyst on an ovary but this is nothing to worry about.

Doctor Dan heads to Mozambique soon to participate in "doctors without borders".

In other news I cut my thumb yesterday and so this week K's taking care of me! The doctor who stitched me up as it turns out has a niece with colon-cancer, diagnosed in '98 with liver and lung mets. After resection and ablation, she's been 6 years without a recurrence. This alone was worth the trip to the ER.

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Don said...

Hey Francis

Great info on the CyberKnife treatment, thanks. Having ginsu’d my hand a couple times I hope yours is healed.

Celebrate life and the fond memories others left to us this Memorial Day

Hold Fast

Don MacLeod