Friday, May 2, 2008

Consultation Update

Karen's on chemo again and all that that brings. Nausea, sickness, etc. Otherwise doing well.

A quick update is warranted; We met with Dr Moriarty today at Overlook. The idea was to review the scans that Karen had taken this Tuesday.

Unfortunately the radiologist has not read the scans as yet and hence no written report was available. However, Dr Dan did walk us through them in somewhat layman's terms. He showed us the scans taken back in February 2008, before this session of chemo was initiated. Those were not pretty and it was very hard to discern what was going on in Karen's liver. The right lobe was consumed with white fluffy stuff. The desired pattern is clear, uniform grey. Her left lobe also had a few small-ish spots on it, signifying tumors.

These last scans are markedly different. Her left lobe is fairly clear with the exception of two necrotic things where the tumors were. The right lobe is much clearer, with the exception
of what looks like a large crescent moon shape. This might be tumor cells or it might also be inflammation. It's surrounding a dark area the size of an orange, which is almost certainly a dead tumor.

Overall this is a great result, we'll still wait for radiologist confirmation of this early next week.

A week from Tuesday, members of Overlook from all disciplines will meet for a conference, during which Karen's case will be reviewed. Dan wants as many eyes on it as possible. There are still many options available to us and he wants to make sure we pick the right one. For now we're sticking to chemo.

We are bolstered by today's news and continue to believe Karen is getting the best treatment possible.


Anonymous said...

Thats great news! All the hard work seems to be paying off. Keep up the positive vibes and the fighting spirit, they are Dr. Dan's secret weapons! Thinking of you all.
Teresa x

Anonymous said...

The continued progress is great news.It sounds that there is more good news in the pipeline. Chemo. is not fun but it seems to be doing it's work! We are keeping up the prayers and I believe they are doing theur work too. Keep up the courage and positive outlook. Love galore. JO. Limerick

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Karen! Lots of love, KP

Don said...

Looking forward to hearing about the progressive eclipse of that crescent moon shape.

Hold Fast

Don MacLeod

Kristin C. said...

Dead tumor is our favorite kind, and it's the hope that keeps us all going...

hang in glad the "unofficial" read was good, we are big believers in that (having tried to really unofficially read scans myself, which never ever ends well--I am nowhere near a radiologist, things always look bad to my mom eyes).

Sending prayers and hopes and "You Go, Karen!" your way, you are so often in my thoughts.

Kristin & the Cams crew

deepbluesky said...

As your faith and attitude is so inspiring, I am writing my first post to this blog.
Keeping you in my thoughts and good to hear of this positive progress! Those tumours are messing with the wrong gal!
Love to you, Fran and the little ones.

alisa said...

That's great news about your results!!! I am hoping for the same! I've just started chemo for the 2nd time... xeloda again, and i too am doing Irinetecan (or however it's spelled!). So far no side effects, though it's only been a week (2 injections), but it seems much better than Oxali! I am just hoping it works as good and fast so that I can hopefully get liver resection ASAP! I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers! -alisa :)

Anonymous said...

Karen and francis, We are so thrilled with this latest news. Every time we hear you so positive, it really gives us a lift. WE are convinced that you have the beating of this thing.
The Little Mahers and the big Mahers pray for you every night
Love to Syndey and Ethan

Tipperary xxx

Anonymous said...

Great news, keep it coming!

Jimmy + Renee Dublin.