Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Going Camping

Karen's doing better, still very nauseous after a typical chemo week (tough weekend then gradually come back to life through the week). We are playing a man-down this week as Sarah is in Florida. Sav if you're reading this we're doing ok!

We are going camping soon. Either next week or the following week. Not exactly "Into the Wild" but close.

In reference to the ASCO conference, not much came out of it other than some more data supporting the efficacy of Erbitux. Still, we'll take it.

Life is good.


Don said...

Boil some extra water in the evening & throw it in a thermos. It will still be hot enough for that important first morning cup of tea, hot coco, freeze dried coffee or hot tang.

Hold Fast & keep it simple.

Don MacLeod

Anonymous said...

Have a well deserved great week.
Love galore.Jo(Limk)

Anonymous said...

Hope the back to nature experience goes well.Enjoy your break en familie!
Love Teresa x

Kristin, G's mom said...

Hope your Wilderness Adventure is a good one!

Just thinking of you a lot...

and the insurance...yikes. I hope that all gets worked out. I honestly have no clue what we're up to...I know each scan is about $12,000, and G will have her 19th scan in July...and chemo and surgeries and yikes...I pray for folks without insurance, it helps in those moments where we are battling weird charges (like an out of network doc who must have walked through the OR during a surgery? Like we had a choice about that? argh!).

Ok, starting to rant...and I just wanted to say you are always in our prayers.

Kristin & the Cams crew

Roxanne said...

Too nice to hear that Karen is fine. Enjoy the camping.