Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home from Overlook

After a long day waiting for Doctors, Karen's home from Overlook and back with her family where she belongs.

Please spare a prayer or good wish tonight for Maggie Weaver and her husband Chris. Maggie was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer (same as Karen) a few months before Karen. Chris and I connected through the websites soon after K was diagnosed in April of 2007. We've followed each other's journeys since then and the Weaver's have been of great support to Karen and I along the way.

Please stop by Maggie's website, read their story and offer whatever support you can.

Maggie's website:


James said...

Glad to see Karen home again
All the best, James S.

Teresa L said...

Great to hear that Karen's home again. Hopefully things will start to settle down for you all soon. Sorry to hear of the sad news re Maggie Weaver, will say a prayer for her.
Teresa xx

enlarged prostate said...
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Anonymous said...

sending you lots of love- you and your family. i am beyond happy for you and full of hope- may God bless you with many years of pure happiness!

ThePerfectPearlCo. said...

Hey Karen...remember, PTL. Thinking of you...xo

Anonymous said...

Frances and Karen,

I sent an email to you I don't know if you ever got it.

I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying that Karen is getting better each and every day.

Love always,

R said...

So sad to hear the story of Maggie Weaver. We will also give our support in prayers for her. It's good to hear that Karen is back home again.