Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Karen!!!

Today is Karen's birthday. Our kids are still a bit young to be blogging so I'll write on their behalf.

What can I say? The past two years stretch out behind us in stark contrast to the years before. We all experience hurdles in life and it's fair to say we are defined by how we respond to those challenges. Karen has been through such a roller coaster of physical and mental highs and lows. Karen's strength has been evident throughout. In what has seemed at times to be a tremendous storm, Karen has been calm and steady. She has maintained a core of faith and always ensured we as a family have been cared for.

Sunday is mother's day, and today is Karen's birthday. I could not be prouder of her. Sydney and Ethan adore their momma. In the way they greet each day, with such joy and happiness, intelligence and adventure, curiosity and innocence, it's a testament to the mother they have in Karen.

We love you babe, Happy Birthday sweetheart.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Karen. We are all proud of you and with in spirit and in prayer every inch of the way. Love to you too Francis and know we are proud of you too as you put your shoulder to the plough and hold your family together. Hugs and kisses for Sydney and Ethan. Brigid

TJ said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day! said...

Happy Birthday and Mother's day Karen! Hope that you have a wonderful time this weekend.


Victor and Lena

Anonymous said...

Karens, happy birthday and many many more. You deserve all the good things in life.

I hope that you live to be 101!!!

Happy Mother's day.


Chris Weaver said...

Happy belated birthday, Karen. I know what you are going through is tough and I wish you all the strength and patience that you can muster. And FS, buddy, what can I say. You are doing a great job keeping it together in tough circumstances. You are both on my mind.

Anonymous said...

You are a superhero Karen! I love you all so much. Gail

kmc said...

Happy Birthday AND Happy Mom's Day, in classic Camiolo-time (ie LATE!) ; ) ...
just wishing you every good thing. YOu are never far from my thoughts & prayers.

Kristin & the Cams crew

rab said...

Karen and Frances,

Just thinking about you. I sent you an email but I have never received one back.

I hope that you are doing well.


vpatui said...

Words are such a poor medium to express feelings. Please get well, please never give up. Please always know you are never without people who care.

Best of the very best luck possible to you and your family.