Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to the Emergency Room

Karen's at the ER right now awaiting a CT scan. She had been extremely tired all week last week with difficulty eating, nausea and dry-heaving and throwing up.

We met with Moriarty last Friday (Good Friday) where they took some blood work. The CBC (complete blood count) showed Karen was badly anemic. Moriarty scheduled a transfusion for Saturday.

Saturday we went back to Overlook for the transfusion. She got two pints over about 6 hours, much longer than expected but they seemed to help. On Sunday she woke up with a bad pain in her right side, near where the previous drain had been placed. She said it felt like a muscle pain but a dose of fairly stout pain medication was only partially effective.

Early this morning (I think 4AM) (Sunday night) she woke up with severe pain in her side. From a scale of 1 through 10 it was a 10. Karen's got a pretty high tolerance for pain, a really really high tolerance truth be told. So a 10 for Karen is like a 20 for me. We decided to call her doctors and both calls encouraged her to go to the Emergency Room.

Which brings you all up to date. I'm working from home with the kids and will post more as I hear from her.

-======== UPDATE #1 =============-
Karen has been admitted into Overlook hospital and will remain there at least tonight. She has some fluid between her diaphragm and her lungs. If this requires a surgical procedure to be drained she'll be referred out to St. Barnabas tomorrow.
That's all I have at this point.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this news but I have every confidence the dedicated doctors Karen has plus all the care and support of family and friends will cure her. Ihope you Francis and the kids are coping with this disappointing Easter story..Lovingly Jo. (Lim.)

Don MacLeod said...

Hey Francis

My thoughts are with you. I hope they've found an easy fix for Karen’s pain and that she’s soon happily home.

Hold Fast
Don MacLeod

Anonymous said...

I am crying as I am writing this, I feel like my heart fell in my stomach.

May God watch over her and help her to a speedy recovery.

Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Everything will be ok, and as much as we will never forget all of our ordeals, may all this be a thing of the past for all of us.

Love and hugs,

Please have faith and put her in God's hands..she will be ok.

James said...

Sorry to hear that Karen had to go through this pain again. Please God this can be fixed quickly and she can continue on the road to making a full recovery.
Cous. James S.

Dobers said...

Your road ahead seems like more of a challenge than any person should endure. You are all in our thoughts and we hope that optimism helps you all through this.

The Dobek's