Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last Update For A While

Karen's doing a little better today. I did not get to visit but instead spent the day with the kids. They are also doing well, probably better than we expected. I'm typing this up beside them as they play in the tub. (the key to daddy daycare is multi-tasking).

I did speak to Karen a few times so far today. She has moved out of ICU and I even heard she maneuvered into a chair which is another good sign. It's hard for her to speak on the phone for anything more than a minute or two. My guess is she's comfortable but definitely still needs the meds and PCA. Chamberlain was also by to visit and seems to be pleased with progress.

I will visit again tomorrow as we juggle sitters and such. It definitely helps to have the hospital within 30mins ride. There won't be much to report so this'll be the last update for a while. Don't be alarmed, no news is good news.

Don McCloud and Adam Beldycki have scans coming up soon and our thoughts will be with them in the anxious moments leading up their results.

Thanks again to all for the continued support it really has helped and we are very appreciative.


Amy said...

Sending prayers to Karen and your family. I am a mom in Morris County that just had similar surgery (entire left lobe and wedge resection in right) and colon resection (plus hepatic pump implanted). I am also NED at this time and will start adjuvant chemo in 3 weeks.

My surgery was 2 weeks ago tomorrow and I promise you that things will get better soon. If Karen would ever like to chat or email please let me know.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Adam just take care. I know how it is, I also know how pet scans are because my little sister is having hers next stomach is in a not..I just hope and pray to God that we all get good news.

I am so glad that you are close to the hospital.

Is anyone staying with Karen? I hope so I would hate to think of her alone in the hospital.

Love and all my prayers,

Anonymous said...

Wow speaking of typos, instead of knot I said not...I guess when people are crying or nervous they can not see straights.

Amie said...

We are so thrilled w/the great news of surgery and continue to keep all of you in our prayers throughout her recovery!!! Stay strong :)
Love from Phoenix,
Amie and Fam

Anonymous said...


Sending prayers to Karen and your family. I am so happy about the results of the surgery.

Continue to remain strong and fight this out.

All the best.


Himanshu Joshi said...

All the best to you Francis... I survived the attack of Stage 4 Nasopharynx Cancer last year... I cannot tell what a feeling it is to be called as "Cancer Free".... Wish you hear the same after the scans...