Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amazing News...Surgery In Progress

Karen's doing GREAT. I am here in St Barnabas waiting room. It's 11AM and I just spoke to Doctor Chamberlain about 20mins ago. I had to take a few minutes to absorb what he told me before jumping online to share.

We got here at 5:30AM and were seen within 15mins. They prepped Karen with IVs and a couple of tests, all went smooth. By 7AM she was wheeled into the prep-area. She and I got to meet all the doctors, anesthesiologists and residents. She has a huge team and the all have the appearance of the utmost competence.

We had a few minutes together and Karen's spirits were really good going into the op. We were nervously laughing and joking and making fun of the residents as we waited.

At 7:25AM I had to leave her as she got her epidural.

At about 9:30AM Stephanie came out and said the laproscopy had gone well and no new disease had been found. That meant the rest of the operation was going ahead.

About 25mins ago Dr Chamberlain himself came out and briefed me. I'm still in shock. He has taken out a portion of her colon and some of her left-liver lobe and the big news is he thinks he can take out the right lobe TODAY!!!

He said "in two more hours she will have no more visible disease"!!! Unbelievable.

She's still in the operating room right now. It's a long procedure with about 2-3 more hours to go. Her gall bladder will be next and about 30 or so lymph nodes. Then the entire right lobe of her liver.

Everything's going great and I am light-headed with the news. I will try to write more later.

Much love to all and thanks again for all the kind words, Karen told me they really do lift her spirits.


Christina Clarke said...

Amazing news! So happy for you all! It shows the effect of positive thought from everyone! Keep us posted and give Karen our love. C and D xx

Don MacLeod said...


Hold Fast
Don MacLeod

Anonymous said...

This is great news! Hang in there. Karen is a strong lady and a tough cookie! Sounds like she's doing great. We're all thinking of you here in Dublin. Have passed on the progress report to Mum.Mind yourself.
Love Teresa xx

Anonymous said...

Just read the great news. All here keep asking and praying for Karen and include you too. My hundred year friend asked for her a few minutes ago so I shall go back and report immediately after this scribe!! love and I am so excited for you both Jo

Suzanne said...

Fantastic- she's going to be sp happy when she wakes up!- thanks for updating- been praying

Suzanne G

Chris said...

I'm so excited!