Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Highs and Lows of Summer

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates. The last month and a half have been as the title suggests busy, great and stinky. I guess I will start with the practicals. I had my 8th chemo of 2008 a week or so ago on the 11th of July. I will have a ct scan done on the 28th and we will meet Dr. Moriarty on the 31st to review everything. Dr. Moriarty told me that he is hoping after this next scan that we can reassess everything and hopefully have a new plan on the books. He is implying that hopefully there will be a break from chemo but of course we won't know that until we see what the scans find. I don't really know about the Erbitux. As nasty as the acne/rash/mustache stuff is, I really think it is having a significant impact on the tumors and if I have to stay on that, that's fine. It doesn't affect me the way chemo (which is the cpt-11) does.That's where things have been rough.

The last 3 chemo sessions or so, most significantly the last one, my body has had an increasingly difficult time recovering. This also impacts my mental state of course and I found myself really battling last week staying positive and not feeling agitated, extremely tense, and a bit down. So I am really hoping for a bit of a chemo break. Even if its for a month or two. I just want to regroup.

However the chemo/erbitux combo, along with the ablation I had in November has had a great effect on my tumors and I am very, very happy, blessed and grateful for the way things are going. Things are continuing to move forward and progressing in a positive way and my medical team (almost family at this point) continue to completely stay on the ball, and battle along with me. I have the chemo nurses taking the absolute best care of me and the times I do get upset during chemo, though I try to be discreet and not cry etc. they know me by now and always stop what they are doing and sit and talk to me.

Last friday during erbitux and hydration that I desperately needed, one of the nurses named Chris, out of nowhere asked me if I was hungry, went all the way down to the cafeteria and got me chicken soup and crackers....what!? I am sure she didn't get it for free and I am still stunned that she did this. I have been going there long enough to know that that doesn't happen as a common practice. I am very, very blessed.

Also on the even happier side when I do feel good I feel great. I have been having the summer of my dreams with my kids and husband during my time I feel great and I am just loving it. We have been having adventures at the beach and going to indoor play places, and just having fun in the sun in their kiddie pool in the back. It's really what life is made of, and you don't need to have cancer to figure that out.
My kids are so fun and amazing and innocent. We were on our way to the beach and I said "guess what guys, I packed bologna sandwiches for lunch!" They gasped in happiness and Ethan said "wow that's my favorite!" and Syd said "I just loooooove bologna!" I mean they were so happy about their sandwiches! I thought that was great. I think our next adventure will be to a water park, with a hotel stay, so that should be very fun.

Also happiest of happiness my very best friend of the last 20 years of my life, Nicole, just had her second beautiful daughter Sadie. Congratulations guys we are so happy for you and I am already in love, love, love.

Thank you so much everyone for your support that comes in all ways and forms and is always, always appreciated, and means the world to us. We will continue to keep you posted and pray for you all too.

With Much Love,


Don MacLeod said...

Thick sliced fried bologna for breakfast is one of my comfort foods. Kids find joy & share it. We're blessed to follow their lead.

Hold Fast & smile.

Don MacLeod

Chris said...

I like bologna too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

I am crying as I am writing this, because this is such a positive post. I hope and pray that you continue to get better and hopefully one day put this all behind you...even though no matter what we will always be here.

There is not a day that you are not in my prayer or that I do not think about you.

Beleive in miracles because they do happen. Thank God for them because in my heart of hearts I believe because my beautiful little sister is my living proof.

Good luck to you always and I look forward to reading better things to come for you and for everyone dealing with this crazy Cancer.


I don't even know if this will let me post, I could never post before but if it does, sending you a great big hug.

You are a beautiful person and I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

My internet is not woorking in Cappa.(only a temporary problem). Great to read the update. Keep up the progress and perhaps with a little more time and some sunny weather here you you may be able to join us for some fun days in Ireland.Love galore.

Anonymous said...

My internet is not working in Cappa.(only a temporary problem). Great to read the update. Keep up the progress and perhaps with a little more time and some sunny weather here you you may be able to join us for some fun days in Ireland.Love galore.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you are having some fun with the kids and Fran this summer despite all the chemo / Erbitux. You're right Karen, that is what life's is all about. Keep up that fighting spirit - we all think you're amazing. Love you loads.
Conor sends you a big smile and Eoghan sends you a big sloppy kiss.
Love Teresa x

Kristin C said...

The 28th is scan day for us, too. Both girls.

We'll be praying for you that day, I have a solid hour worth of scan time for each girl, generally I spend that freaking out as quietly as possible...praying for you would be a far better use of my time! : )
...hang in are never far from our thoughts.

wishing you peace, strength, and a break if possible...

Kristin & the Cams crew