Saturday, March 8, 2008

5th Erbitux Treatment

After another tough week, Karen's starting to feel better. She had chemo on the 28th and normally is feeling a little better by the following Sunday. This time the nausea, tiredness and crappy feelings hung around all week. She's been having massive cramping and gas among other problems. On the 6th she had her 5th Erbitux treatment. This has been tolerable but caused a huge rash and lots of related problems. The pain in her side was written off to just things settling down. Her liver function is normal and it is not enlarged by any means.

To cap things off, she ended up in hospital yesterday unexpectedly due to de-hydration. A few hours hooked to an IV solved that.

Surely all this indicates the drugs are working and we can expect great scans in another 8 weeks?

Since she's on CPT-11, her hair has given up the ghost and is falling out in determined fashion. I don't think even with her thick mane we can avoid shaving this time around, although Karen's full of surprises.

Despite paying our life insurance last Jan, they called this week and said we were late by over a month and that a LAPSE notice had been placed on our policy. What a bunch of balony! Of course our payments are well documented so they had to admit the inaccuracy.

In other financial related news, Karen has already met and exceeded our yearly out of pocket maximum yet our medical insurance continues to bill us. I need to call them.

You know what though? Life goes on, we are full of resolve, our marriage is as strong as ever, the kids are a tremendous joy to us and we're going to the circus as a family on Thursday. So screw cancer.


Don said...

Hey Folks

Reaching my catastrophic deductable oddly becomes a red letter day on our calendar …. After that day… at least our expenses become more normal.

Hold Fast… the accounting will catch up & the hair will grow back.

Don MacLeod

Anonymous said...

"Screw cancer!" Hell ya!

Have fun at the circus!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Tried to send this thru contact Karen but don't think it is working for me. Just a quick note to remind you that we are thinking about you! We continue to pray for you here on Long Island. We follow your ups and your downs. Keep working on the ups, as those are the best reads! ;) Praying for many more blogs full of good news. Have a great weekend with your wonderful family. Lots of hugs & love, Debbie Ortiz