Wednesday, February 27, 2008

4th Erbitux, 2nd Chemo Treatment

Karen's been having sharp pain in the right side of her abdomen the last 24hours. This is similar she says to the pain experienced when she was first diagnosed. We are not sure but are hoping this is shrinkage or some other good effect of being back on chemo.

Tomorrow she'll go for the 2nd chemo treatment but 4th Erbitux treatment for those keeping track. This'll knock her out for a good few days but overall is still less of a burden than the original regime (another "easy for me to say").

We'll ask Doctor Dan what the pain means and perhaps he might have some suggestions although with only external exam it's very hard to be sure what's going on.

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Roxanne said...

Sorry about what Karen is going through. I hope she will be fine.
God bless you all.