Wednesday, October 24, 2007

11th Chemo - Pump Removed

Karen's doing well. Today as always the chemo pump was removed thus completing the eleventh dose. This was the last administration of chemo between now and the surgery and we're looking forward to the next four weeks of Karen regaining her strength.

Even before she went to the hospital today, one of the nurses from the oncology department made a point of calling the house this morning to inform us that her CEA has once again gone down. The present value is 52 (down from 72 last time) so that's tremendous and we're needless to say relieved at this news.

I continue to work on the insurance issues but have every confidence that'll get resolved. I will post more details of the surgery as we get closer to the date.

I will sign off now with thanks once again to all who've helped us out both mentally and physically as it makes a world of difference.

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