Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10th Chemo - Pump Removed

Karen's sleeping soundly since about 7:45pm this evening. She ate some cheerios at 7pm and felt like passing out so had to go to bed abruptly. This of course left Sydney and Ethan in a bit of a state but they settled down eventually.

Today the pump was removed. Karen's counts were low last week so tomorrow she'll jab herself with Neulasta to begin building up her white blood cells (WBC).

Dr Moriarty met with Karen and told her that he has spoken to Dr Ravikumar (our surgeon) and given him all the latest results and scans. Dr Ravi is willing to do surgery and optimistic about the results. In his own words "you are young and I am experienced. Together that's a good combination". We don't have a concrete date as yet but expect surgery to happen some time in November.

Today was our nine year wedding anniversary. We will celebrate in earnest when K's feeling better. For now I am content to have spent the night watching TV beside her whilst she sleeps off the chemo.

This time next year we plan to be checked into a horribly expensive hotel somewhere around the 23rd South parallel.


norma said...

francis you and many others inspired me to create a website/blog for my husband. I look forward to reading your wife's progress. ralph just completed his first round of chemo. u r in our prayers

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Fran. Your wedding was such a good time and there will be many more good times in your lives. There are so many people who have you in their hearts, minds and prayers.
Much love,
Katherine Piedra

Chris said...

"This time next year we plan to be checked into a horribly expensive hotel somewhere around the 23rd South parallel."

Kate and I will watch the kiddies. :)
Happy Anniversary!

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary! I know you guys will be lookig back on this anniversary next year and celebratign a MAJOR victory as you celebrate your 10th. You guys are AWESOME! Hang in there - you are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!!! You two are the strongest and most brave couple I know!! Everyday you are in my thoughts!!!!