Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great News!!!

Well I mixed up the appointment with Dr. Moriarty, and wasn't supposed to see him until next week ahhhhh! But I was able to talk to Dr. Nosher's office and he called me back to go over the report with me.

I said the tumor showed "marked improvement, with very minimal metabolic activity. And there is no new growth." And along with that I had gotten news earlier in the week that my CEA was 5!!!!!!

What does this mean? It means the tumor is dying. The last pet scan we did 3 months ago it, in Dr. Nosher's words, "lit up like a Christmas tree." That basically means there was a lot of metabolic activity and the stinkin' thing was alive and well. Now there was very minimal glowing. Dr. Nosher was very happy and spoke to Dr. Moriarty and HE was very happy. And they are excited about the results.

We are reeling with happiness, and joy, and are so grateful to God and all who have been praying for us to make this possible. Thank you so much.

I will see Dr. Moriarty next week and discuss this all to a greater extent but we are floating on a cloud, and just reveling in the great news.

We are now off to celebrate my big sister's 40th birthday today. What an awesome day!!

Love, love, love,


Declan, Jacqui & Kaia said...

Wow - Fantastic news Karen! We are so happy for you guys and the kids. Enjoy the celebrations, and have one (or maybe two ;)) for me!


Declan, Jacqui & Kaia

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo thrilled for you and your family, Karen!!!!!! ~Tara B.

Darryl O'Donnell said...

Fantastic news, guys!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful. Celebrate in Green!!!!
Love Jo (Nenagh)

Anonymous said...

HI Karen great great news. Looking forward to celebrating with you and family. Love galore. Brigid

Lena Antaramian said...

This is SUCH AN AWESOME NEWS!!!! So so so happy for you! And LOVE the picture you in the post:)

Anonymous said...

Just keep staying healthy Karen.

My heart is broken for Adam..;((((.

Last email I got from him he toldme he was in Barbados...; (.

Plase just post goodupdates..i am so sick of Cancer.