Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post-Turkey Day Update

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all, which includes my Irish family - I ate for you as well! I hope everyone had a peaceful and happy holiday.

I don't have any news that is make or break. I won't have a scan done until the end of January/beginning of February. If they did a scan now the Dr's wouldn't really be able to differentiate between what is inflammation, tumor, dead tumor, or scar tissue. So we wait. We wait until the inflammation and all settles down. I go to Robert Wood Johnson (rwj) hospital every 2 weeks for blood work, and follow up stuffthen I'll go once a month then every 2 etc. I also of course, continue to see Dr. Moriarty every two weeks so I can ask him if I can be done with cancer now, because it is like really, really, totally, like totally, totally lame...poor guy - I always ask impossible questions.

Before and up until Thanksgiving I was feeling pretty crappy. I felt like I had the flu, with muscle-aches, headaches, and a raging fever (but I didn't have a fever). Dr. M. said it was radiation poisoning, which almost sounds redundant to me. I thought he was kidding. I asked him if he was, but he said it is actually a real thing. However thanks to Fran who was home from wed. before Thanksgiving until the Monday and I was able to get a lot of rest (thank you dear) and I have been feeling much better. It really can't compare to being on chemo but I just want to put the info out there for anyone interested.

I am kind of glad that we have to wait for scans. Dr. M. says he isn't putting me back on chemo until we know what the deal is and so in the interim, we are having what I would call a "quiet section." I say quiet section because as my fellow cancer com padres know, or anyone who is close to cancer knows, your life kind of moves in 3 months increments. That's how it feels to me anyway. So right now we are having a quiet 3 month section. I know that the tumor is dying (supposed to be anyway) so there is not much more I can do right now but let that happen.

Thank you everyone for all your support, prayers, emails, messages, hugs, smiles, friendship and love. I am so humbled and awed that after almost 4 years the support and love that our family has received is as strong if not stronger than ever. I genuinely find myself taken aback at how much people do for us and continue to do for our family many who I don't even know. People just give of themselves wanting nothing in return - amazing. For my kids, my husband and myself I say "thank you.

People are amazing, and you all really humble me to be a better friend, a better person because of all of your support. I hope I can support and love people the way myself and my family have been loved, and supported.

Again, thank you and let's keep praying for each other eh?



Catherine said...

Thinking of you as always Karen, so glad you have a peaceful period now over Christmas. IN Ireland we're buried in snow. Unheardof in November.

Anonymous said...

HI Karen, It's wonderful to hear from you again. I have been thinking and praying for you all the time and peeking into the blog. It was great to see Fran on his brief work visit to Ireland. We had a wonderful day at Catherine Shanahan's wedding as you jprobably heard and it made such a difference to have Jame on Skype for the day. Everyone who knew him spoke to him and he heard all speeches etc. Denise was beside him for a lot of the time. We have a very heavy snowfall here in Dublin and it's now spreading around the country with temperatures reaching an all time low at night. It's unusual to have it this bad. Strange it's not as bad in North Tipperary for most part. Take care. Love galore and hugs and kisses for Ethan and Sydney. Brigid

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen for your good news. You are amazing, so brave, so thankful,so determined and always seem to have others in mind whether it is your kids, husband family or friends.I admire you and thank God for your wonderful attitude in spite of difficulties. Lovingly Jo(Nenagh)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, we're always thinking of you and wishing you well, you write so honestly you really are an inspiration for so many people, lots of love and best wishes Edel

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, So glad that you are feeling a bit better now - have been thinking of an praying for you. I really like how you ask your Dr. if you "can be done now" - I think that I might borrow that line for my next Dr. appt. :) I bet that it is nice to have your "quiet period" during this time of year - I hope that you and your family enjoy the holidays! Take Care, ~Tara B.

K.M. Camiolo said...

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and I sincerely hope and pray that 2011 is the Great Year O' Many Cures. : )

Hang in there, and know you have lots of people pulling for you!
Kristin & the Cams Crew