Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SIR Spheres Embolization

Karen's doing well. She's in the hospital at Robert Wood Johnson getting a scheduled procedure done currently and I'm headed there soon. She asked to update the blog so here goes.

Today is step one in her radiation treatment. There are two steps. Today (now) Doctor Nosher at Robert Wood Johnson is blocking off certain pathways within her liver's blood stream. This will allow the radiation treatment (scheduled for next Tuesday 26th) to flow to the tumor within her liver.

She left early this morning and is expected home this evening. I got the kids off to school, ran a few errands and am headed there now.

UPDATE: karen's done and all went fine, she has to lay flat on her back for the next 6hours or so. Will be home tonight.


Donald W. MacLeod said...

All my thoughts of good will and hope are with Karen today.

Hold Fast my dearest of friends

Anonymous said...

Hey Fran and Karen,

You're always in my heart and prayers.

Lots of love,

Chris Weaver said...

Keeping Maggie still for the many, many hours after her portal vein embolization was the hardest part of the whole procedure.... for both of us.

TV, books on tape, talking with friends... all these helped.

Good luck and my thoughts will be with you.

Lena Antaramian said...

Dear Karen,

Glad to hear everything went well. We will keep thinking and praying for you.

Lots of LOVE,

Lena and Victor

teresa loughnane said...

Good to hear all going to plan so far. Best of luck for Tues Karen, will be praying for you.
Teresa and co. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. Just wanted to let you know that you continue to b in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight! You are a trooper, keep it up and keep that positive attitude!Kick cancer's a$$!!!
Jessica Ringer

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today, Karen.....stay strong <3 ~Tara B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen & Francis, Just to assure both of you that I am with you in thought and prayer in a special way these days. Love galore and lots of hugs for Sydney & Ethan. Brigid