Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cryo-ablation Post-Op

Karen's doing well. Her procedure is done, it took all of 3 hours and it went fine. I was able to see her briefly. She was comfortable, very cold but in good spirits. She's in recovery now and will be transfered to a room soon.

I spoke to Dr. Kamienecke who did the procedure. He said it went fine, no surprises. They used two probes and got a good freeze on as much as possible. The tumor is close to her lung and some other warm blood vessels so they can't be sure the required freezing temperature was reached on those bits.

She'll stay at least tonight in St. Barnabas and hopefully be discharged tomorrow.

A PET scan will be scheduled for 3 months from now and only then will we know if we got it "deaded".

For now we'll take this as a result.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for blog. It is great news proccdure is over and that Karen is in good spirits. Love galore and prayers for you all. Jo Limk. Ireland

Anonymous said...

ng in here to see how things went. I'm so pleased its all over and done. Great News. Will phone Dublin now although maybe you beat me to it. Anyway RELIEF. HAng in there. Please God everything will improve from here on. Much Love to you both and the kids. Catherine

Anonymous said...

Catherine here posting for mum and dad.
They say that they're happy with the news that its all over. Thinking about it all day. Will be in touch at the weekend or whenever. love Mum and Dad Ireland

James said...

Nice one, great to see that all went as planned
All the best,
James S.

Anonymous said...

Thank God , I hope that they got all of it.

Love always,

Teresa Loughnane said...

Glad to hear that all went to plan. Hope Karen recovering well, give her a big hug from us. Love to you all. Teresa xx

marc said...

Big hugs to both of you. Keep on fighting the amazing battle to get rid of this horrible disease. My thoughts are with both of you.

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear procedure is done and went well. Take care guys, will continue to pray for you
Bea and Robbie

Anonymous said...

Karen, Delighted to hear good news that the procedure went according to plan and that it's behind you now. Be assured I and all here are continuing to remember you in prayer. Regards and hugs to the kids & Fran & all your family. Brigid

Jim Shanahan said...

How brave you are! Well done! I am so happy that it went as well as possible for you. You are a rainbow, and one tough cookie! Francis, Karen, Sydney and Ethan - love to you all. Jim, Dublin.

livingbeyondbc said...

Good luck!! Thinking of you and Karen.

Anonymous said...

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