Saturday, February 14, 2009

Karen has Shingles

Karen has shingles. She's running a mild fever the last two weeks and most recently this has amped up. She's in bed resting with a confirmed case of shingles. I won't go into the details but think painful chicken-pox.

Shingles is normally not expected until you're over 60. Then again colon cancer is not expected until you're over 50. Karen'll be 34 this year! Go figure. Google says this is fairly common in long-term chemo patients. I myself have a mild cold so she probably caught some of that too.

It's a virus so she's on anti-viral medicine. We're hoping this will clear up in time for surgery (March 3rd) and not interfere with the preparation. With a colonoscopy coming up on Friday 20th and Sydney's birthday on the 19th (she'll be 5) we already have a packed schedule.

Timing could be better but like everything else we'll deal with it.


Don MacLeod said...

Hey Francis

My Dad, his sisters and brothers have had shingles. It is painful but will just run its course.

Hold Fast & I bet Karen’s blotches are an appropriate Valentine’s day heart shaped.
Don MacLeod

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this news Karen. Take all the T.L.C. you can get and it will heal upquickly please God. I have seen shingles in all adult age groups and some did not have comprimised immune system to get them . best wishes and prayers. Jo.(Limerick) said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Don...I love you. I think you are the greatest.


Don MacLeod said...

Right back at you…

Hold Fast
Don MacLeod

Amy said...

Best of luck Karen. I read your blog as I am also a young mom in NJ (Morris County) diagnosed with Stage IV with liver mets. Tomorrow is my surgery at MSK in NYC (colon, liver and hepatic pump placement). I pray for a good outcome to my surgery and I will pray for a good outcome to your surgery in early March. Get better soon!!!