Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moriarty back at his post

Karen's doing well. She met with Dr Moriarty today. Essentially Moriarty read the radiologist's report from Karen's latest PET/CT scan and her overall status is "stable". An amazing result considering where she started from.

It's definitely time to consult a surgeon again to see if surgery is an option and this time we're letting Dr. Dan drive that process for us. We will likely meet with him again in another few weeks. Until then Karen continues the regime of Erbitux as this seems to be keeping things in check.

It's always a stressful and overwhelming exercise whenever these scans come up and this time has been no different. We may not always be conscious of the stresses we're under but they are there nonetheless and no doubt will lift over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Delighted to hear another good scan result guys and great to hear Dr Dan is back in action. Hope you can both relax now and recover from the hectic time in Florida. Love to all
Teresa xx

Anonymous said...

Always great to hear good news of your progress Karen. I really enjoyed the Disney pics.Love Galore Jo(Limk.)