Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Year with Cancer

Karen's doing well. Next chemo is this Friday.

Has it really been a year? April's here, and so I suppose I should mark the occasion. Karen was diagnosed on April 07th of 2007 and if you're just joining us you can catch up here [LINK].

On the one hand I could say the year has flown by. On the other it seems like a million years. A full year with an 800lb gorilla in the room.

Sometimes I feel like this year was stolen from us. Yet on the other hand we've probably grown more in this year alone than in the many years prior.

We've also encountered so many kind people and been blessed in many ways. This was always the case but now we are more cognizant of these blessings. As a friend of mine would say "we are living on the edge" and things are very raw.

I've known Karen since 1995, we'll be 10 years married in October. She's an amazing person and I can honestly say I've never been more proud of her.

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Anonymous said...

The scene: 1995. I meet the two of you (separately) at Cuffy's . . . Ages ago, yesterday, whatever. I knew then that you should be together. I'm happy that's how it still is.

13 years ago, you didn't know. A year ago, you didn't know. Today, you don't know. Keep living everyday the best you can.

I love you guys!