Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seventh Chemo - Pump Removed

Karen's sleeping peacefully but the last few days have been tough. As I mentioned last time, her chemo was changed to include Camptosar (aka CPT-11) and this has really been hard on Karen's system.

K spent much of Monday, Tuesday and today sleeping, on average 18 hours per day. This has meant limited time with the kids which is frustrating for her but more importantly limited time eating and drinking. The pump was removed today as usual but this time the nurses saw fit to give her a bag of fluids along with an exam from the Dr Lowenthal (a member of Moriarty's group).

Lowenthal gave K a complete exam and reviewed her chart. We were worried for a moment that she might be admitted. He commented that she has been making great progress, despite the extremely debilitating side effects. He also remarked that the doses of drugs she's on are pretty high. This is not the first time we've heard this and it explains why she's hit so hard each time.

We believe that given Karen's age and overall strength that the doctors are prescribing the most aggressive treatment possible and are confident that this is the best approach to treat her disease.


Chris Weaver said...

You guys are in my thoughts. CPT-11 is mean stuff but it works. Maggie's a shining example so just try, try, try to keep your heads up. If I were there I'd be your in-yer-face cheerleader. But instead, I'm your Internet buddy from Austin going through the same blasted things you guys are while being Maggie's cheerleader. I send my best. Always.

Don MacLeocd said...

Hope Karen’s energy is back. I know there are times during treatment that rest is about all you can do. Take heart… Yesterday, I went to the White Mountains. I climbed MT Chocorua’s piper trail… 3 hours up & 2 hours down… that’s about as good as I could do in my pre-cancer days, so keep looking forward…

Hold Fast

Don MacLeod