Wednesday, April 17, 2019

12 Years Later

Hello to all my family and friends and amazing supporters! It has been 12 years and 10 days since I was told I had stage 4 colon cancer. For 5 years I underwent multiple chemo treatments, had 2 surgeries, radiation therapy, experienced a short remission, then  relapse, and remission again.

That remission is still in place 7 years later. Yes. 7 years. I hope someone reading this finds hope in that. It hasn't been 7 months. It's been 7 years. Every single scan I've had (most recent being 1 week ago) has been clean. I thank you all still. For all the prayers, support and love that has been shown myself and my family. The shine and beauty of that support and love has never faded. 

I've been wanting to update the blog for awhile and my friend Emily, by her own cancer situation has prompted me to do it. 
Emily is from England. She contacted me 3 years ago after reading my blog, and we have been friends ever since. She got in contact with me because she too, had also been diagnosed with stage 4CC. She had given birth to her daughter only 2 months prior. 
She has battled and fought, been through hell and back many times over and is still here fighting. She is trying to raise money for a self funded liver transplant in Norway. I understand not everyone can donate. If you can give anything I thank you. You can also do great things by sharing her story on social media, by praying for her and maybe sending her words of encouragement. If nothing else just reading her story will inspire you as to the power of the human spirit.

Here is the information. 

Here is the link for her fundraiser:

Here is the link if you want to follow her story on FB:

After dealing with cancer and death in my face for so long I have come to some conclusions. I feel that living life to the fullest doesn't really mean climbing Mount Everest, traveling the world, or jumping out of a plane etc. It's the actions we take and the things we do and say to help someone else. I don't mean financially. But even sending a word of love, or support can accomplish so much.

Thank you again to everybody for everything.


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