Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's Try This Again Shall We?

Well third time's the charm I say. I start chemo this Friday April 9th. Three years and two days since I was first diagnosed. Just a little factoid.

I just wanted to give an update that I will be doing the chemo like I said on the 9th and then every two weeks following for 4 to 6 months, like I had mentioned in the last posting. For anyone curious I will be on CPT-11 and Erbitux.

I think I am over the initial being upset over it all and just want to get it done. Now that the "sad" cloud has cleared for me I am seeing the silver lining in that this treatment will work, and work well, and we keep moving forward. I am very grateful to have treatment options.

We did talk to the kids last weekend and told them that I have something called colon cancer. I think a lot of it went over their heads, especially Ethan, but I know once I begin treatment it will begin to sink in for them both what we are talking about.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers we are deeply grateful.



Anonymous said...

good luck.. praying for you and yours

Marilyn Gilbarg said...

I have followed your blog with interest since my husband Stephen has stage 4 colon cancer, 5 1/2 years now, with many surgeries and different chemo combos. Yesterday he started what you are currently on--erbitux and CPT11. So far no rash, but he has been warned to look out for it and make sure nothing advances to an infection. He currently has tumor activity in his lungs. I hope this new cocktail helps both of you. Keep us posted. We can identify with your journey.

Don MacLeod said...

Hey Karen

Your beautiful kids have amazing parents.

Hold Fast, Spring and new starts go together.
Don MacLeod

K.M. Camiolo said...

Go, ye heroes...
Go forth and conquer some cancer...
we are pulling for you, always.

Kristin & the Cams crew

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Karen,

My heart aches for you and everyone dealing with Cancer.

I hope and pray to God that this will be it and you will put everything behind you and live a long healthy, happy life.

Love always,

Joy said...

hey Karen- praying for you everyday! You are one strong woman!!! Keep fighting!

Michelle Burns said...

Holding you in the light of healing love as you go through this physical, emotional and spiritually challenging experience. Holding you wonderful kids in grace and support as they too experience these hard and yet empowering lessons.

Alan said...

I check in very often on this blog. We are wishing you the very very very best Karen! Alan